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massage seattleDid you know that chronic stress has a significant effect on the immune system that eventually manifests as an illness? And that individuals who are under constant stress are 20% more likely to have heart disease? Stress is the new silent killer.

The negative lifestyle changes brought about by chronic stress puts your body at great risk.  Stop, look, and listen to your body. Do not ignore the signs of stress your body is trying to send to you. A long, happy, and healthy life does not happen overnight. Care for your body as much as you care for your work and family. Do not underestimate stress.  Do something now before it is too late. 

After a long hard week of grinding and working, de-stressing is a must to function both in the home and the workplace continuously. Most people disregard the long-term positive effects of a well-rested body. Let go of the pressures of your day and visit us at Massage Therapy Seattle. Here in Massage Therapy Seattle, the customer is king. And like royalty, we give our customers a world-class experience of relaxation.

Therapeutic massage Seattle has been around for many years and has been a multi-cultural thing, treating various physical and mental health issues. The medical society considers massage Seattle as a component of complementary and alternative medicine or CAM. We will explain to you briefly what CAM or complementary and alternative medicine is. These treatments can get along with the standard medical treatments; however, it is still not at par with the latter. Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years.  It can be traced from the ancient scriptures in China, India, Japan, Egypt, Greece, and the Arab nations. Its downfall during the 1930s-40s is because of the medical field’s technological advancements. It rose back to glory in the ’70s when it became popular among athletes during that era.

In general, massage is the pressing, rubbing, and manipulation of muscles and other tissues in the body to relieve tension. Massage Therapy Seattle offers deep tissue massage Seattle to help manage your body pain from continuous muscle tears and other sports-related injuries. It provides massage therapy services that cater to relieving body pain, rehabilitating athletes’ injuries, giving relaxation, reducing stress, and helping people with depression and anxiety. All these contribute to your overall wellness.

While most massage therapists use their hands and fingers to execute the techniques, others also use their elbows, feet, or forearms in our signature Thai massage Seattle. In this process, the application of gentle and deep pressures and stretching are used. Thai massage is an ancient healing massage that originated from India, eventually finding its way to Thailand.

You now have an idea of the impact of stress on your body and how massage therapy can yield lasting positive health benefits for you. Plan your next visit with us! You are right on track if you’re looking for a place to unwind and relax. We provide several massage therapies: Thai Massage Seattle, Sports Massage Seattle, Prenatal Massage Seattle, Couple Massage Seattle, and Chair Massage Seattle. Our Couples Massage gives you the perfect intimate experience with your loved ones. Call us to learn more. The best massages in Seattle are right here!

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Sports Massage Seattle

If you are searching over the net for the words “sports massage therapist near me,” then search no more!

Massage Therapy Seattle is here to offer these services. Although we will explain our services in detail in the next pages, we will give you a hint on what sports massage is. Sports massage is an indispensable part of an athlete’s training regimen. It is popular among trainers and athletes alike as it has been proven that massage can enhance an athlete’s performance who compete both in professional and amateur sports. NBA, NFL, and Major League Baseball, track, and field professionals make it an essential part of their training regimen. Massages are becoming a necessary component in high-performance sports. Many are now realizing that training, workouts, and massages are key to keeping your body in tip-top shape.  It has now gained a spot in the sports industry. 

Some of you might ask if sports massage is just for sportspeople. Anyone who engages in physically demanding activities can benefit from our Sports massage therapy. Yes, you are right! You don’t have to be an athlete to avail of our sports massage Seattle. Massage Therapy Seattle makes this available to those of you who have a regular sport and fitness routines but still need to balance other important things: family, work, hobbies, etc. Massage therapy plays a vital role in this increased demand for everyday functions by reducing or alleviating your physical pain, so performing your day-to-day life is easier and more fun.

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Prenatal Massage Seattle

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We have good news for expecting mothers!

Massage Therapy Seattle now offers prenatal massage Seattle. Most people think that maternal massages might be harmful. Massage experts have the same answer to that wrong notion. Maternal massages are generally considered safe for mommies who are expecting. However, you should avoid it during the first three months of your pregnancy. The first trimester is a crucial stage for fetal development. Some massage strokes might trigger premature labor and contractions. After the first trimester, you may consult with your doctor to get a clearance for your prenatal massage.

Only certified and qualified prenatal massage therapists can perform the massage techniques on expecting mothers. Our major health benefits include reduced joint and back pains, reduced edema, reduced anxiety, and improved sleeping patterns.

You don’t have to bear the pain alone. Seattle massage is here to join you in your journey and make motherhood an enjoyable experience. Our qualified prenatal massage therapist is more than happy to discuss with you. Call us today and enjoy a free consultation!

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Couple Massage Seattle

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best couples massage seattle

For friends, lovebirds, and couples who have been wanting to spend quality time together, this is your chance!

Massage Therapy Seattle has an exceptional couple massage service just for you. A couples massage is a session where you and your loved one – a husband, a partner, friend, mother, sister, or dad can enjoy a massage together on separate beds in a single room, attended by two therapists. We will give you an invigorating experience accompanied by soothing music, candle lighting, and aromatherapy.

Contact us now and have a session reserved for you and your loved one. Massage Therapy Seattle is delighted to give you the rest and relaxation that is long overdue!