About Us

Stress. Imagine a world without it – a world where no one is rushing, where everyone takes a healthy pace, where there are no missed family dinners, no aggressive behavior, no diseases, and no untimely deaths.

According to the American Psychological Association, 75 percent of all doctor’s visits are stress-related. The six leading diseases are associated with chronic stress: cancer, heart disease, lung diseases, cirrhosis of the liver, accidents, and suicide. When you are stressed, your hypothalamus gland gives a series of signals to your adrenal glands to release a surge of stress hormones, including cortisol. Prolonged stress prevents your body from transitioning back to relaxation, causing you to become overexposed to cortisol and other harmful stress hormones. 

We, at Massage Therapy Seattle, understand that your body is your most important asset. Our company offers a wide range of massage therapy services that promote your physical well-being and mental and emotional state. These include deep tissue massage, chair massage, Thai massage, sports massage, and even prenatal massages for expecting mothers. Our massage therapists are highly trained by the state’s finest massage therapy institutions and are certified. We are also recognized by medical groups, making us one of the sought-after massage therapy providers in Seattle, even by medical practitioners.

Everything around us demands our time and attention. When are you going to take notice of the warning signals your body is constantly giving to you? The answer is today!

 Call us or visit Massage Therapy Seattle now. We hire only the best to provide you world-class service. Your trust is our priority!