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Chair massage is also a thing we offer here in Massage Therapy Seattle. It should not be confused with the vibrating chairs you sit in; those are massage chairs. Chair massage Seattle WA is the process of relieving muscle tension through hands-on manipulation. This method uses a chair to have forward-leaning support for the client to have a relaxing form. After the client is comfortably positioned in the chair, the massage therapist uses various massage techniques on specific muscle groups targeting stiff and tensioned spots. A chair massage is typically a short session that ranges from 15 to 30 minutes.

We will tackle why getting a chair massage Seattle is a life changer!

One of the various benefits you get from chair massages is being able to sleep well at night. When you are relaxed, it is more comfortable for you to sleep. There are several studies and research that have proven the correlation between being comfortable and higher sleep quality. It aids in increasing blood circulation. Through massage therapy, muscles, skin, and other tissues get stimulated, which improves blood flow, and helps lower blood pressure. Triggering specific pressure points can stimulate blood flow throughout your body.

Consequently, it gives you a healthier immune system. Research and study strongly suggest that massage therapy helps you have a healthy immune system and mental state because it decreases the stress hormones, cortisol, and vasopressin levels. These hormones have a significant role in aggressive behavior. Minimizing the excretions of these volatile hormones within the body positively affects gut health and the cardiovascular system. Lastly, it improves your physical flexibility and agility. Massages help in making the muscles and joints looser, making it easier for them to move. Muscles and tissues unbind as a result of the massage, which promotes muscle movement. The harder and tighter your muscles are, the stiffer and limited your movement will become.

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Seattle chair massage

chair massage seattle

Certain parts of the body will become fatigued due to repetitive everyday activities. This is the reason why those parts are targeted in-chair massages. Activities that are usually done after a long day at work, such as a prolonged period of standing, typing, and sitting, have devastating effects on the body in the long run. Its adverse impact on the body is tissue binding, muscle tension, and muscular knotting, which leads to muscle pain all over your body. You may not notice the effects immediately as they happen gradually over time through repeated action or inaction.  

Daily function is something you should enjoy in full. Think of your body as an automobile. Meanwhile, a car needs its routine check-up and regular maintenance. So does your body. And massage Seattle makes sure that you get the best chair massage therapy in the city! 

Do yourself a favor today. Break your daily routine! Take time to relax by indulging in our chair massage Seattle today. To say that a healthy body is an investment is such an understatement. Health, after all, is wealth. Without it, living your life to the fullest is impossible.

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