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Here in Massage Therapy Seattle, massage therapy is more than skin deep—we go deep into the layers of your muscles! Our deep tissue massage Seattle gives you your much-needed relief from pain due to prolonged and repetitive muscle wear and tear.

Excessive exercise and physical activity cause muscles to wear down and become stiff. The overuse of muscles typically stems from repetitive trauma and overexertion of muscles. Deep tissue massage promotes musculoskeletal relief from these issues. Anyone who works out regularly or involved in repetitive physical activity must include deep tissue massage in their routine at least twice a month.

A deep tissue massage usually takes about 75 to 90 minutes per session. What makes deep tissue massage important, most especially to active people, is that it is a process of getting your muscles in a relaxed state. The more relaxed your muscles get, the softer they become, allowing the therapist to work in a little deeper. The process of applying slow, sustained pressure and deep strokes targets to penetrate the deeper layers of muscles in your body, giving attention to trigger points or “knots.” It helps break up the scar tissues that usually form due to an injury, thereby reducing muscle tension and pain. Deep tissue massage has less rhythm than other massages because it has a more focused application of pressure points.

Deep tissue massage differs from Swedish massage in three ways:

  • Deep tissue massage is mainly used to treat sports-related injuries and ease chronic pain. On the other hand, Swedish massage promotes general relaxation and reduces muscle tension caused by daily activities such as prolonged sitting, carrying heavy bags, wearing the wrong shoes, etc.
  • Deep tissue massage uses a more aggressive and increased application of pressure to problem areas, whereas Swedish massage uses gentler strokes.
  • Deep tissue massage targets the deeper and inner layers of muscle tissues and focuses on the treatment of tendon injuries and muscle and joint stiffness. The Swedish massage aims to relieve pain from the superficial layers of the muscles on the neck, shoulders, and back.

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Deep Tissue Massage Seattle

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During a deep tissue massage Seattle, you will notice that the therapist utilizes almost all of their upper limbs – the fingertips, hands, knuckles, elbows, and forearms. At times, they may even ask you to take deep breaths while working on your tense areas. You will initially experience some soreness or stiffness but will eventually subside within 24 hours.

After a hard grind at the gym or home or work, treat yourself with a deep tissue massage. You can work hard, play hard, and do all the activities you love. But it is also crucial to give your body time to relax and recover. Remember, your body is your primary investment. Learn to maximize your body’s full potential by ensuring it gets the relaxation it deserves.

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