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Entering the motherhood scene is an overwhelming feeling. It is full of mixed emotions filled with excitement, joy, and fear. As they say, you’ll be going for an emotional roller coaster ride. And it also comes with a sore back and lots of body pain.

Allow us to alleviate your pain and anxiety through our Seattle maternity massage.

Many of you are asking if it is a safe way to deal with your very demanding body transformation. The answer is a big yes. There are, however, some important points that we need to keep in mind before even considering going for a prenatal massage.

Having a Seattle prenatal massage during pregnancy has been proven over the years to provide several health benefits, including improved relaxation, better sleep, and a sense of wellness. But despite this, utilizing some of the massage techniques may trigger a pregnant body’s pressure points that might cause premature labor and contractions. Only massage therapists who have a specialized certification and received advanced education in handling pregnant women can practice maternity massage. This is why the expertise of a qualified service provider is of utmost importance. Prenatal massage Seattle offers the best massage therapy in the city of Seattle. 

There are two things that pregnant women should carefully consider before deciding to get a pregnancy massage Seattle: 

  • The first trimester of pregnancy lasts up to week 12 of pregnancy. It is the most difficult stage that poses a greater risk of miscarriage. Since the blood flow during a massage session might increase, Prenatal massage may do more harm than good during this period. Although the medical society says that women can get a massage at any point in their pregnancy, we do not accept clients in their first trimester.
  • Some women may have medical conditions unknown to the therapist. A doctor’s authorization is required before pregnant women who are still in their first trimester of pregnancy can undergo a prenatal massage. As mentioned earlier, specific pressure points may induce labor and initiate premature contractions. It is very crucial to consult your doctor before setting an appointment with us.

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Pregnancy Massage Seattle

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As we all know, therapeutic massage has been around for a long time. It has proven to relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, and uplift a person’s overall well-being. Studies have shown that most women who have undergone prenatal massage therapy have shown reduced anxiety attacks and have shown lesser depression symptoms. It also helps them relieve a great deal of their muscle and joint pains associated with pregnancy and birth.

So to all the pregnant ladies, put your hands up! We are here for you. We provide prenatal massage in different locations in the city of Seattle for your convenience. We have the best-certified therapists who are medically trained to conduct your therapy session. 

Pregnancy does not have to be that hard. Prenatal massage West Seattle is now open to serve you. Call us and experience the best prenatal massage Seattle!