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But first, what is the difference between a massage and a sports massage? You are correct! It is the word “sports.” As the name implies, sports massage is tailored to target injuries that are specific to certain sports. The techniques applied tend to be deeper and more intense. The therapy approach may vary depending on what sport or training an athlete undergoes. It might be applied before the game, during, and after the game. Undertaking this therapy can aid in the athlete’s flexibility, significantly reducing his vulnerability to injuries.

Not anyone can practice this kind of massage. Sports massage therapists are required to complete professional training in either a vocational environment or an academic setting. You need to be evaluated by a certified sports massage therapist first before providing you the service. The therapist will normally ask about your lifestyles, such as your health status, training routine, and even your daily activities. It involves different approaches, depending on a person’s training regimen and the sport they compete in.

Sports massages can often be strenuous. It works by stimulating inactive muscles and involves a lot of stretching actions to improve muscle tissue performance. The results will definitely give you an edge at the time of your competition. The massage aims to reduce stress and muscle tension, especially during working out, making it a vital part of your training regimen. If you make this part of your regimen, you will surely notice your endurance and performance changes.

But wait, is it really just for sportspeople?

The answer is no. Sports massage treatment is not just for athletes or sportspeople. People in physically demanding jobs may experience occupational and emotional stress that may show similar sports injuries. It helps alleviate the build-up of muscle tension in the tissues brought about by everyday activities: your regular sports or fitness routine, work, family, and even your hobbies. Seattle sports massage ensures that you get the best massage treatment to achieve your optimum performance in your day-to-day life.

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